Blake Penson
Adventure Traveller, cybersecruity engineer and Founder of

80 years is not a long time, we should make the most of it


I am an Australian who has been living in Europe for the past decade. Over that time I have been exploring the world from greatest cities to the highest mountains yet I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface.

This website is dedicated to sharing those adventures.

Along with travelling to popular holiday destinations and major cities I also love the outdoors and regularly feel the need to get off the beaten track. Being an amateur mountaineer, I am currently working my way through climbing ‘The Seven Summits’, which is the highest mountain on each continent. I have some great expeditions behind me and even greater ones ahead! When I am not climbing mountains I get my outdoor fix paragliding, trekking and stand up paddle-boarding.

Along with adventure, I have an interest in photography. My friends and family have always said to me ‘You should do something with your photos’ so I decided to finally create this blog to share my photography and experiences.

My day job is a Cyber Security Engineer and I am the Founder of EXPEDREVIEW.COM – The Expedition Comparison Site

This site is still in BETA. So far it has covered my 7 of 8 ‘Seven Summits’ (more on that here) and I have plenty of adventures I still need to add (hence some empty menu links)

Take a look around, I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, leave a comment on one of my posts of fill in that form below.