Equipment Part Two – I love Stuff Sacks!

It took around 5 hours to organise but I have sorted and ‘stuff sacked’ everything I am taking with me and it all compresses down to this.

Just as a reminder that was from this:

I reckon that’s a pretty good effort!

Just awaiting a helmet and some new insulated water bottle parkas to be delivered tomorrow (which may not arrive on time) and I will then get everything into the two duffels. I don’t think I will have too much of a problem although weight is another issue which I will deal with when it comes time to fly to Lukla. Might buy a more stuff sacks tomorrow to replace two cheap and nasty versions I have and to help secure the electronics and vision items.

The list of medication required is quite large as we need to be covered for a range of possible illnesses.I have been told before to pop out all pills to save weight but I think by the time they are sorted into ziplock bags, the weight is about the same. I kind of wish I kept them in their foil packaging as on previous expeditions some pills had ‘melted’ into each other when sharing ziplock bags, especially if a little water gets in. Oh well, it’s done now.

Labels help not only myself on the hill but the customs agents in case they get the wrong idea!

Final equipment post will be done tomorrow night, my last night at home!

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