Pheriche to Lobuche

After a few days resting in the last teahouse of our journey, we packed up and made the move to Lobuche Base Camp. Lobuche is a 6010m mountain we would need to climb in time to come as a type of technical training ground before we hit the larger obstacles on Everest (such as the Khumbu Ice Fall, The Lhotse Face, The Balcony…etc)

After a fairly leisurely trek along a high valley we started to climb up one of the sides, we followed this trail as it wrapped around the large hill in our way until we peeled around the edge and Lobuche Base Camp came into view.


We trudged through the unexpected snow down into camp where we got our first taste of an IMG Base Camp. Everything we needed was there, even one tent per person. In many ways this was way better than the freezing, germ infested tea houses where everybody came down with some sort of ailment.

We spent two full ‘rest’ days in this camp where we climbed up to Lobuche High Camp using different routes on different days, this was for acclimatisation and to keep the blood flowing.

 A couple of trekkers decided that they had done enough this time round and ordered helicopters to fly them direct to Kathmandu. I believe the Hyatt Kathmandu has it’s own helipad where at least one of the guys was headed. I think about that Helipad every day….
Chopper coming to pickup a trekker. Next stop — Hyatt Hotel Kathmandu

I am back to full health and powering along with the rest of the group. The air is thin and I seem to get puffed doing anything other than lying down, even then I catch myself short of breath. All part of the acclimatisation I suppose.

Lovin life

Next stop — Everest Base Camp

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